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5 Helpful Benefits of Using Number Tags on Your Business Lockers

Posted by Steve C on


11% of employers employ more than 20 people.

But even if your firm has more than a few people, it's a great idea to use business lockers. Business lockers are a great idea even for small businesses, especially if your employees don't work in simply one location.

For example, if you own a nail salon, a factory, a gym, a restaurant or a clinic, employees will be all around the premises seeing customers. And with customers coming in and out, they'll want to know their things are safe.

And, if you work with a business where customers are coming in and leaving their things, like a spa or a gym, lockers are a fantastic idea.

But more than that, you'll want number tags for them.

In this article, we'll discuss both the benefits of using lockers, as well as using locker tags to keep your employees feeling safe and in control.

Read on for more!

1. Number Tags Ensure Safety Amongst Employees

If you have employees that come in and out and can't assign everyone their own personal locker, number tags are the next best thing. With number tags, you can ensure each employee's safety.

Giving them a number tag with the locker number on it and having the locker numbers on the locker itself makes it easy for them to not forget their number.

Whenever they need something, they know that they can simply return to their locker with the number on it.

2. Number Tags Differentiate Lockers

This sounds like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how easy it is to forget which locker is yours. That is if you're more than a few years out of high school.

Having numbers on the lockers themselves will eliminate workers thinking a locker is theirs and breaking into it, just to find they're in the wrong locker. If this happens, the individual will have destroyed another worker's property and has now made it vulnerable to theft.

Even if each member of your staff has their own locker and lock, the number tags will help them know which one is there's. Sure, accidents will happen when people may try to open the wrong locker before they've had their coffee. But, once they realize they're in the wrong spot, thanks to the locker number, they'll go to the correct one.

3. Number Tags Allow You to Give Your Customers Temporary Lockers

If you own a pool, a gym, a spa, a medical practice or any other facility where your clients need to leave their items while using your services, a number tag is perfect for you.

Having cupboards where people can put their things is all good and well, but it may reduce traffic into your business. This may be because people do not fill comfortable leaving their things while they go get the treatment or use your services.

Having a locker gives them peace of mind so that they know that they can leave their things without giving staff, or other customers, access.

Lockers are a must for this reason, as it gives your clients and customers a sense of security and safety.

4. Locker Tags Boost Company Morale

As odd as it sounds, having locker tags, and lockers in general can help boost company morale. Having a secure place for your employees to leave their things makes them feel like their company cares for them. It makes them feel as though their company values them as workers and wants to make sure they're safe during their shifts.

Having locker tags shows, as we spoke about in number one, that you care about your employee's safety and security.

5. Locker Tags Are Perfect for Co-Working Spaces

If you're looking to reduce your costs after COVID-19 and move into a shared office space, or rotating office space, locker tags are a perfect move. Or, if you own a co-working space and are looking for something to add to it, think about lockers and locker tags.

Locker tags allow employees to get a key upon entering and put their valuables away so that they don't distract them during work. This also allows them to leave their desks as needed without feeling as though they need to take everything they own with them.

They're perfect for co-working spaces as well because so many people rotate through the spaces. You can't physically have a locker for every single person that comes in, and you may even have people who come into work independently.

As such, locker tags allow every person who comes through the doors access to a locker that they close safely, as well as a tag to remind them what locker they're using.

Don't underestimate how powerful lockers can be in these types of spaces. They can help people work distraction-free and keep the co-working space clear of clutter.

Invest in Number Tags Today

If you've got lockers, or you're thinking about getting them, locker tags are a must-have. They reduce confusion amongst employees, boost morale, increase safety, reduce clutter and make your employees feel as though you care about them and their valuables.

Having lockers without locker tags are almost useless, as it creates confusion and makes your employees vulnerable to theft. It also makes them prone to accidentally breaking into the wrong locker, leaving their fellow employees at risk.

We have a variety of number tags in different materials and metals. One of the most commonly used in the industry is brass, so click here to browse our brass products.

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